Jeff Doctor talks Native American Cannabis & Hemp

National Indian Cannabis Coalition Executive Director Jeff Doctor sits down with Tim Strombel to talk all about how the NICC is educating Native Tribes across the country. Native American involvement in the cannabis and hemp industries is expected to be larger than the casino gaming industry and could propel Native Tribes across the country towards an economic prosperity many Tribes haven’t been able to accomplish through gaming – due to their poor location and lack of tourism traffic.

National Indian Cannabis Coalition Announces Concerns Over Cannabis, Hemp and Tribal Sovereignty

The recent raids in Indian Country affecting tribal cannabis and hemp economic developments are alarming. Within the past four months, three tribes have been raided and crops destroyed by both federal and state law enforcement. This last weekend, the Flandreau-Santee-Sioux Nation made the difficult decision to halt cannabis operations by destroying their crop. The National Indian Cannabis Coalition recognizes this tough choice Tribal leadership faced in protecting both their investment, their sovereignty and most importantly their community.

“It is important to understand the extraordinarily complicated jurisdictional issues surrounding Indian Country. Each tribal approach needs to be different and every tribe and potential partner needs legal advisors who understand these complications. This is an art form. Failure to understand and appreciate these nuances leads to bad results for everyone,” shared Lael Echo-Hawk, General Counsel for the National Indian Cannabis Coalition and expert in Indian Law.  Read More

1807, 2016

Native Economic Development Conference Focuses On Diversity, Cannabis Potential In Oklahoma

This week tribal and business leaders met just outside of Tulsa for the Reservation Economic Summit.

One of the sessions

1404, 2016

Oglala Hemp Grower Counts Coup On Feds

“Hemp! Hemp! Hoka he!” – Alex White Plume

This past Monday, at 1:30 p.m., David Franco, longtime member of Alex White

1404, 2016

Hope and hemp: The unfinished odyssey of Alex White Plume

MANDERSON, S.D. (AP) – The tiny hemp sprouts popping from the ground near Alex White Plume’s home this spring are

801, 2016

UH study shows hemp could be commercially grown here

WAIMANALO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) –

The demise of sugar has dealt a blow to the state’s agriculture industry but University of

701, 2016

First Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New York Open

ALBANY — New York joined the ranks of nearly half the states on Thursday in

Mission:  The mission of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition is to educate Tribal leaders and elected officials on the emerging
regulated cannabis industry while advocating for parity on behalf of Indian Country.